Attendance Tracking Automated System

Forget about tracking hours manually, writing timesheets and manual payroll. Our digital punching system simplifies the management, control and monitoring of the workers' shifts. It allows workers to punch in and out from their mobile, or you can choose to use one of our reader devices at the workplace entrance where workers can tap their batch upon arrival and departure from work.

The Attendance Tracking Automated System is integrated with our APP SIGOOK™, as a result, companies, staffing agencies and workers can enjoy the greatness of automation:


Within a few clicks, supervisors may review the progress and performance of each worker, fix any mistake on marking shifts start, finish, and approve the weekly timesheet.

generates weekly time sheet

After authorized, SIGOOK™ immediately generates the weekly timesheet, payroll and paystubs. All this from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you are.


Workers can automatically punch in and out from their mobile or tap their batch on the punching device. As a result, hours' revisions are no needed and you have more time to do what you know best, running you business!


  • Avoid paperwork and timesheets.
  • Track your workers shift easily.
  • Get instant timesheets upon supervisor's approval.
  • Review, modify, and approve the content anywhere you are.

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