We do what we know
best, Staffing

10+ years in the market

About us

We are COVENANT GROUP Staffing Agency, your Recruitment Agency in the Greater Toronto Area

We do what we know best, Staffing! For more than 10 years COVENANT GROUP Staffing Agency has provided companies with qualified, diligent and innovative personnel. Our passion for innovation has helped us to build self-serve hiring platforms that streamline the hiring process and save you time, so you can continue to do what you know best. Running your business!

Whether you’re looking to hire temporary, permanent new staff, or you’re in the market for the next big opportunity, COVENANT GROUP Staffing Agency is the recruitment Agency ready to help.

What Makes us Different:

  • We hire locally

    We continue to hire locally! With a network of over thousands local candidates COVENANT GROUP Staffing Agency Matches candidates to the positions in-demand. We place the right candidates with the right jobs in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

  • Innovation

    In addition to the traditional Recruitment services, you can Opt in into our new Self-serve and insta-hiring platform;.


    We understand that in many cases you need staff in the last minute. We created SIGOOK™, a self-serve platform that you can use to hire qualified candidates within a few clicks. All candidates in the SIGOOK™ data base have been screened and meet all certification to do the job. With SIGOOK™, you can hire your staff as demand changes; hire them today through the platform and they’ll be at your office ready to work within the next day.

    Attendance Tracking Automated System:

    We streamline processes to ensure you have more time to run your business. With our newest punch in system, you can forget about tracking hours manually, writing timesheets and manual payroll. Our Digital attendance tracking automated system simplifies the management, control and monitoring of the workers' shifts. It allows workers to punch in and out from their mobile or you can choose to use one of our reader devices at the workplace entrance where workers can tap their batch upon arrival and upon departure from work.

  • Immediate response:

    COVENANT GROUP Staffing Agency takes your business seriously. You are assigned an account manager who will ensure a smooth process. Our Industry experts/Account managers will help you from beginning to end; from prospecting to hiring, to following up about staff performance. The best of all, their response to any concern is Immediate.


Looking for a Job?

Why to work with COVENANT GROUP Staffing Agency.

Local We are Local

Most of our employers are based in the Greater Toronto Area which gives us the opportunity to build a strong relationship with them, know their needs and as a result find the right job for you.

Quick You can get hired quicker!

We created SIGOOK™, a self-serve platform where employers can hire you within a few clicks. Once you are part of the platform database, you might get hire today and start working tomorrow!

Experience We are experienced

COVENANT GROUP Staffing Agency has been in the staffing industry for over 10 years. We know exactly what our clients need. We use our expertise to recruit and match workers to our client’s requirements.

Are you ready to hire new staff within a few clicks, save time on payroll and forget about manual timesheets?